Monday, 28 November 2011

Analects - Confucius 7

We start the second chapter of Analects. This chapter is also on learning.

子夏 was Confucius student. After Confucius's death, he was teaching Confucius ideas to people and had huge influence at his time.

The first 賢 in 賢賢易色 is used as a verb meaning "getting close to 賢". The second 賢 is used as a noun meaning "people of good character and quality". 易 is "change" and 色 is "colour". That this sentence means is that when one get close to a person with good character and quality, one will recognize and change one's attitude towards that person.

父 is "father" and 母 is "mother". Together, 父母 means "parents".

When serving one parents, one would use all the energy

君 is used as "friend" here - a friend who you know well.

When helping a friend, one would commit oneself completely.

When with friends, one's words are trustworthy.

Anyone, who can do the above three things, although you may say s/he has not gone to school, I would say s/he is a learnt person.

Again, this paragraph shows what Confucius considered as learning - to learn to become a good person.

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